Saturday, January 21, 2012

HDMI display problem for DELL N Series with SONY BRAVIA

I was trying to use HDMI in my SONY BRAVIA with the DELL N Series. I bought a HDMI cable from ebay, it is version 1.4. I pluged it to the HDMI port 2 in the sony and tried to get display without success.
I tried with downloading display drivers. And I tried to download the HDMI driver to the laptop. while checking in the google, found some links in intel site as my display driver is intel. Tried with restarting both TV and the laptop but nothing worked.

In my Intel graphic HD properties I saw there's tab TV/Monitor settings and said "TV MONITOR SETTINGS ARE NOT SUPPORTED". So I thought this could be a reason and tried with that path too without success.

Ultimately I was able to get the display. This is what I did and tried with some hints in intel site.
I plugged the cable in to the HDMI port 2 in the TV. And I plugged to the port  1 while TV is on. Then I  restarted laptop. Then I selected HDMI 1 in the TV menu and my laptop display settings mode was in dual display. You can change dual display setting by pressing f1 key (Select projector display).
You can see dual display modes even when you right click on desktop and select screen resolution.

Oh I forgot to say that my OS is WINDOWS 7 Ultimate.

So if you are in dual display mode you after restart the laptop you can see your desktop in your TV.

But Still I can't get the sounds from the TV. If I found it I will update you. I heard the sound from the TV when its loading the windows but when I watch a movie, the sound is only from the laptop.

Ok great I found it. I opened the properties of my sounds software (IDT HD sounds). I saw a tab in leftside SONY TV. Then selected Set as default playback device and Set as default communication device. It worked.