Saturday, January 30, 2016

Damro Innovex Electronic goods and after service crappy

I would like to write the review of the Damro Innovex  Pedestal Fans.

Sometimes ago I bought tow fans (one after another) from Damro which is Innovex brand. After one and half year my first fan suddenly stopped working. So I gave to the Damro Dalugama showroom to check. I am out of warranty. They took almost 2 weeks and came back with  Rs 900.00 service fee. When I asked them what did they do to fix, the show room staff said that they have no idea what the service center did.
So I had my fan back. But after a one week again the fan is stopping intermittently. Then again it works for few weeks with bad sound. Stopped working again and I went back to Damro, told them that few weeks ago I got repaired this but doesn't work again. They said they have service warranty for 6 months, so let's send this back to service center.
After 2 weeks, they phoned me and said the fan is fixed but I was charged Rs 1200.00 for the fix. I said what the hell you said it has 6 months warranty but now you charge me again Rs 1200.  Then the staff said they will check with service center again but still didn't comeback.

My loyalty for Damro is fading now. I had few electrical items from them thinking that I am supporting to sri lankan owned business.

I just want to tell that based on these info decide whether you still go with Damro Innovex product and service or pay bit more and purchase a long lasting branded product.

I checked around and found that KDK is quite long lasting. Even it's double the price as Innovex fans but it will last more than 20 years for sure.