Tuesday, February 9, 2016

My experience with Qistina Express bus to Kuala Lumpur

Qistina Bus Review

I have seen many places that Qistina has bad review on certain things. I traveled to Kuala Lumpur from Singapore on 6th Feb 2016.

My depart time was 8.30 am at Little India Arcade.
Since I read all the review previous day, I just did another search to see whether the bus has got any seats available, thinking that if it's full then no need to wait for more pax. The bus was not appear in the search results. So I thought the bus is full and can go without waiting it to get filled.

As most of the travelers mentioned, they were late. But the office was opened. I saw some ppl said that office was not opened till 10.30 am. But by the time I reach 8.30, the counter was already opened.

Bus came around 9 am luckily. But it was waiting there till 9.30 for more passengers. There is no seat preference as we book. You can sit freely anywhere you need. So they add ppl who ever wants to go by this bus. Bus is full now.

Then the journey started it's a big traffic due to chinese new year. After JB check point, the bus stopped in a petrol shed. Not to fill the petrol. I don't know where the hell driver went but the bus was stopped there around 40 mins for nothing. We did not move to another bus but we had to waste the time for nothing.

Bus is not smelly, Driver didn't smoke during travel, Seats are average. A/C also OK. Driver was waiting for all passengers. He is fast but safe drive.

So this is my experience the Journey to KL.

Sri Maju Group reivew

On the way back to Singapore, I used Sri Maju travels.  I had perfect journey. The bus reached on time to the TBS point and depart within 5 mins. No stops no wait. The driver stopped after 1,5 hrs for a small break in a petrol shed. again started and stopped in the usual stop for a tea break.

So we started 1.30 from TBS we reach JB 6 pm. Amazing. The drive was very nice, he saw there is a block in the one enterence to the JB check point then he turn the bus in to another way. No traffic we went directly to the check point. And he wait until everyone come on each checkpoint and each time he count the pax.

It's a Scania bus. The journey was not tired at all. Price was 18 SGD (not bad at all huh?)
We reach around 7.20 to the Golden Mile Complex.

How ever I will not use the Qistina Express again but for sure Sri Maju. Thumbs up  for Sri Maju !!! 


  1. Yes. Qistina is the worst service I ever encounter. They changed me from 18 seater to 44 seater bus. The change took place in the mid of highway. You have no way run and it late. Most terrible service. Nightmare.

  2. I also experienced the same. I bought the ticket in Busonline.com, that time is holiday period, Qistina charged a premium price as compare to others, I thought it is premium bus with chair massager but end up the bus delay 3 hours more and change to factory blue bus with 44 seaters.
    I will never ever try this bus anymore and advise to whom like me first time taking Qistina, don buy their ticket because the chance u get the bad experience will be very high escpecially during peak period.!!!!

  3. I got bad exp, driver left us around 12 passenger in JB bcos long que in immigration. is it any possibility to get any refund? or what should I do?

    1. I'm not so sure about refund Daniel. This is happening quite often.

  4. is it any possibility to get refund?

  5. You can call them and ask. If you get money, please update here. So others can aware about it.

  6. qistina just involved in the new accident. have 60+ unpaid summons.

  7. here's the link http://www.hmetro.com.my/node/151036

  8. I tried this nightmare service too. Bus came 1 hour late. At Larkin, told us to change to another bus in Larkin. Then somewhere along the highway, moved me to a Konsortium bus (rival company!) which did not take me to my intended destination, TBS. Instead, I was dropped off at Shah Alam and told to find my own way there!
    I wrote to complain and they only reimbursed my taxi fare.
    I should have reported them to SPAD immediately. If you've been conned, pls do so.

  9. Went to the little India Arcade site at 7:30am to purchase ticket for the same day to TBS but were told the office there did open till 8am. Went back at 9:30 for the 10:30 bus, still not open. Someone came at 10am but told us that we could not buy tickets there & we could not buy tickets from the bus driver. (we checked the night before & there were many open seats & read that we could not show receipt from mobile device & did not have a printer) When the bus driver came he was very nice & lets on the bus & we paid at Larkin. The buses were a bit old but very nice drivers. At passport control one man let a letter on the bus that he needed for visa entry, his wife came back to get the letter & said that it would be another 1/2 an hour. The lady was very rude yelling (profanity) at the bus driver when he said that he did not have time to wait because people needed to catch other bus connections. In the end he did end up waiting for them, which I thought was very nice.

  10. I am a frequent traveler, KL- Singapore by bus. Qistina express is the WORST company i have ever seen so far. I knew about this company's service but last week i got no choice forced to buy ticket from this company and after this recent case i promised to myself that i will never travel with Qistina bus again under any circumstances.

    Recent case
    19/03/2017 : 10.30pm bus from TBS - Beach road.
    Bus delayed 1 hour (as usual,common practice for this company)
    Reached Larkin at 3.30am and we were asked to change bus(common practice as well for this company). It was super crowded when bus reached Johor checkpoint. Same at the Singapore checkpoint. We wouldn't have to face this crowd if the bus left on time from KL or the transition practice at Larkin could have been avoided. Passenger were dropped at Singapore checkpoint at 6.30am. I was lucky enough to came out first from custom just in 20 minutes. It was just nice the Qistina bus is coming out from inspection to pick up area at ground floor. The bus driver supposed to pick remaining passenger who bought ticket to beach road. But he didn't park the bus and just left the checkpoint without any passenger inside the bus. i was chasing behind the bus waving at the driver to stop but he didn't. I have to find my own way back to Singapore city, additional cost. I was stuck in the city highway at peak time and late to work because of this incident. They(Qistina-drivers and management) really don't care of their customers/passengers.
    Hope this will help other travelers who want to experience a smooth journey.